Exceleron Web Query

The Exceleron Web Query and Reporting tool allows the client to tap into their data in real-time mode while protecting and securing access to confidential data. There are two license versions of this product – developer and runtime. You can create your own database connections and queries or let us do that for you so you can use the query extract your own custom reports.

This tool is for anyone who has data query and reporting needs that are constantly changing. You can query any type of data in SQL and connect to multiple SQL databases.

Software Requirements

  • SQL

  • IIS

Features & Benefits

Real-Time Data: You can connect to many SQL databases to access your data on the web, which is governed by security set up. 

Formatting: The tool allows drag and drop filter/sort capabilities, which can be exported to Excel for formatting. 

Save Costs: This tool allows you to create custom reports each time there is a new request. It will also provide flexibility for reporting to save you time and money.