HubSpot and Sage CRM Integration

Function : Integration   |  Solution :  Sage CRM, Hubspot    |  INDUSTRY:  All

Gain incredible insight into every contact by combining the two powerhouse systems, HubSpot and Sage CRM. With our integration, you can pull lists directly into HubSpot from Sage CRM. Empower your team to track each contact at each stage in their customer journey with the click of a button.

Features & Benefits

Gain Insights into Customer Behaviour: All your data from HubSpot combined with Sage CRM will provide additional insight into marketing qualified leads and behaviour. Learn more about what interests your customers and prospects through page views, downloads, form submissions, website activity, and more. 

Increase Efficiency: With this integration between HubSpot and Sage CRM, this integration allows your business to use one system to see all information related to contacts and more. 

Improve Effectiveness: Set up marketing campaigns in HubSpot to track engagement and other metrics to track their effectiveness.