PDF Forms Processor

Function : Data Entry   |  MODULE :  All   |  INDUSTRY:  All

The PDF Form Processor was designed to help eliminate costly manual data entry that is prone to error. The application is designed to gather all predetermined form data, extract specific data fields, and store its output in a SWL database.

Software Requirements

  • SQL

Features & Benefits

Eliminate Manual Entry: Our tool can convert populated PDF forms into actionable data, which can be saved in an SQL database or spreadsheet. By automating this process, you can save time and resources from processing errors and re-entering data. 

Automated Workflow: You can use our PDF Forms Processors to extract data from designated areas on standard forms. The extraction of data can be automated with a few quick clicks. 

Fully Configurable: Our team can configure this tool to your organization, forms, and preferred data storing method. Since the data is saved to a SQL database, this tool can integrate with your other business solutions.