Sage Intacct Backup

Function : Data Backups  |  Solution :  Sage Intacct    |  MODULE :  All   |  INDUSTRY:  All

Gain total control over your financial data by using Sage Intacct Backup. With this tool, you can select which objects from Intacct that you want to be backed up. Once the backup has been executed, your requested data will be saved in your desired secure location. To avoid the risk of database and system failure, you have the option of securing your data on a private or hybrid cloud.

Software Requirements:

Client Hosts: IIS 8+ and SQL Server or MySQL

Features & Benefits

Secure Data: Download and secure your Sage Intacct data on a location of your choosing. You have full access to audit history of your executions.

Automated Workflow: You can schedule a job to run backups and downloads automatically on a preferred schedule.

Reporting Capabilities: After creating a query using the Web Query Tool, you can pull specific parameters of your Sage Data.