WisePlanner Budgeting Tool

Function : Budgeting   |  Solution :  Sage 300    |  MODULE :  GL   |  INDUSTRY:  All

WisePlanner is a simple application that takes away the manual steps of transforming data from Sage. The application allows you to work in MS Excel, permitting you to build any formulas tailored to your budgeting needs. WisePlanner requires no training and is user-friendly throughout the entire budgeting process. The application provides a data warehouse that authorizes the creation of reports on budget revisions with your Sage Intelligence.

Software Requirements

  • Sage 300 GL

  • Excel

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Templates: The ability to create unlimited templates. 

Budget Tool: Select account and segment ranges with support to multiple cycles. 

Multi-Currency: Budget easily in any currency.

Discover How to Eliminate Manual Data Entry with WisePlanner Budgeting Tool